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A.D.D. Christianity

It seems that my generation thinks they can busy work themselves into heaven. Don’t get me wrong, action speaks louder than words. I know that. I believe that, and I practice that in my own life. I come from a family that has always been involved in working for the Lord. I left a very comfortable paycheck and house to plant a church. I have been a bi-vocational pastor for over two years now, so hectic living is not foreign to me.
I am not talking about hard work, and follow through. I am talking about busy ministry that is occupying us without real results. The problem with that kind of ministry is that it lures us into a false sense of accomplishment. Because we are busy, and have something to show for it, we feel good about it. This is a very dangerous state of mind. The work of the Kingdom is not as much about “doing”, as it is about “being”. Action without substance is just noise. If our “doing” does not come from our “being’ then it is just something to fortify this ADD Christianity that we have created. I am a believer in balance and consistency. I believe that our lives should mimic the one that we are doing all of this for. Jesus did not just walk around touching lives because He felt that He was supposed to be. He acted out of love.
I want to live a life that is grounded in love, and driven to action. Intentional action, with relevant results that honors God, inspires others, and edifies me. I do not want to “grow weary in well doing”, or lose sight of the reasons why I do what I do. I do not want to put my focus on the amount of ministry, but the eternal impact that it is making.
Lord, help us remember that the greatest gift we have at our disposal is LIFE. Let us not fill it up with noise and unintentional action. Let our words and deeds be rooted in love, balanced in stewardship, and fueled by passion. Let us be productive for your Kingdom. But more than anything, may we “live, move, and find our being” in you!